Sustainability: Nobia increases score in CDP Forests Report

March 2018 - Sustainability: Nobia increases score in CDP Forests Report

Deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 10-15% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Addressing deforestation is therefore critical for meeting international ambitions to prevent dangerous climate change.

With wood being the core component in our products, we have been working with this topic as part of Nobia’s Sustainability strategy. 

 “I am very glad to see that our efforts are paying off and being rewarded by important stakeholders”, says Amanda Jackson, Head of Sustainability at Nobia AB.

The international organisation CDP supports companies and investors to understand how companies are addressing their exposure to deforestation risks. One method is through the collection of self-reported environmental data which results in a score within the CDP Forest guidelines. 

In the 2018 CDP Forest Report Nobia scored -B, an increase from score D previous year.* Of all companies reporting in Sweden, there are only 4 companies with equal or better scores in terms of timber.

This is the third year that Nobia reports to the CDP Forest. As tackling deforestation is key to addressing climate change, the CDP Forest Report is a basis for investor evaluation, highlighting the material risks that come from deforestation and the opportunities emerging for those acting against it. 

More information about CDP Forest:

* Score A is ranked as highest, an ‘F’ indicates a failure to provide sufficient information to be evaluated.

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