Why work with us

Ours is a business like no other. Here, you’ll find a culture that gives you room to learn, to work ethically, and above all, to be inspired. But what is working here really like?

We believe our people should have room to learn, grow their skills and become an expert. Room to craft, innovate and build. Room to be proud of the work they do every day.

It’s the kind of environment where we inspire new ways of thinking and new ways of working. And where we expect and encourage our people to make every opportunity count, to make their roles their own, and to make the most of the room we give them. At Nobia, it's all about inspiring kitchens and about inspiring room to be you.


Our values describe our ways of working and behaving in Nobia. They guide us in how to deliver our  strategy and how we make a difference through our purpose Designing Kitchens for Life.

They are about how we behave towards each other, our customers and society as a whole. They influence our decisions and work. They shape our culture.



Training & Development

You’ll start by getting great at your job, whatever your role or department. We’ll give you feedback on your performance and a chance to discuss your future development. We support you to push the boundaries in your current position – but of course, you’ll also have room for your progression.


Rewards & recognition

Nobia provides fair rewards and recognition, which will depend on the market, region, location, position complexity, competence and experience. We set salaries according to the market conditions where your role is based and evaluate them regularly. We offer different types of rewards for different roles.

Depending where you’re based we offer gym facilities, library, occupational health programmes or other benefit and reward programmes. You can find out more about those from our local HR teams or during the interview process.


Product development & innovations

Product development strengthens our position in the market and helps us stand out from the competition. But it’s only possible with collaboration across departments and with our customers. We need to understand every detail of their needs, both in terms of design and function. The challenge is not necessarily to create new products, but to find the little things that really matter. Customer interviews and visits to customers’ homes are therefore an integral part of the innovation process. Our development centre in Darlington gives room to these new innovations and designs.


Design for manufacturing

Meanwhile, in our production facilities we work with our own Lean system (Nobia Lean System) to keep improvements coming. Lean is a way of working to think smart to find the most suitable manufacturing solutions. During the development process, we’re in touch with all stakeholders to make sure we understand what’s required – from customer needs to the creative phase, through to development and implementation – until the products are on our trucks on their way to customers.