At Nobia, we’re passionate about creating unique training as well as inspiring kitchens. After all, every person has their own individual ambitions and their own view of the future.

We recognise that and will do all we can to help you achieve your aims. In our business, it’s more than possible to fulfil your hopes and ambitions. With teams ranging from product development and manufacturing to distribution and sales, there’s all the room you need to move in your chosen direction.

How it works

You’ll start by getting great at your job, whatever your role or department. We’ll give you feedback on your performance and a chance to discuss your future development. We support you to push the boundaries in your current position – but of course, you’ll also have room for your progression.

We’re looking for dedication and the drive to achieve great results. Bring both, and you won’t just have room to develop – you’ll be part of our future success. It’s all about giving and taking feedback in order to learn and grow, and taking responsibility for shaping your own future. Our leaders are instrumental in our team’s development, which is why "People leadership" is a key part of our leadership framework.