The global challenges society is facing require responsible leadership and systematic work. We, as a business, have an important role to play.

This is why we are working actively to integrate sustainability in our daily work. Our sustainability initiatives are based on the understanding that every link in the chain is important, from supplier to employee to customer. Nobia’s operations include everything from product development and production to sales. By implementing our sustainability strategy, we are aiming to have sustainability issues permeate innovation and design as well as choice of materials and manufacturing.

For this work, we have been recognized in several rankings and rewards:

We ranked in the top of the “Walking the talk report” 2019; a survey investigating and rating the relationship between sustainability communication and sustainability management (practice) among Nasdaq OMX large cap companies.

We ranked among top 2 in the Consumer Goods category of the 2019 Hållbara bolag (Sustainable Businesses) survey; a survey investigating the sustainability management among Nasdaq OMX companies.

We were graded C+, Prime in sustainability in the ISS-oekom corporate rating 2018. ISS is a world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions for asset owners, asset managers, hedge funds and asset service providers and are carrying out corporate ESG-ratings.   

Our production facilities in the UK received the British Safety Council’s Sword of Honour award 2018 and 2019. This is one of the highest safety accolades in the UK.

Our sustainability strategy links our core operations with our ambitions to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy is built on four long-term focus areas with opportunities for improvement.



VISION: We develop kitchen solutions that support people, the planet, and our operations through continuously improving the environmental and social performance for our products and processes. In addition, we enable our customers to live more sustainably in the kitchen.



VISION: We promote a value chain with low CO2 emissions by reducing CO2 emissions from our products and processes. Through a twofold energy strategy, we focus on energy efficiency and the transition to renewable sources of energy.



VISION: We contribute to the elimination of deforestation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as protecting biodiversity and people’s livelihood by promoting sustainable and responsible forestry and the provision of timber from sustainable sources



VISION: We build relationships with suppliers who are working successfully on sustainability. By promoting responsibility and transparency in our supply chain, we are contributing to a more sustainable future.



At Nobia, we think there’s plenty of room to work in an ethical way – and we expect everyone to abide by our standards we’ve set. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone in our team and is designed to create a workplace where everyone is respected. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and expect our people to act with integrity.

To learn more about our Code of Conduct, visit our corporate site.