We’re an ambitious company. To get where we want to be, we have a clear vision, bold growth targets and crucially, Excellent Leaders.

Excellent Leaders are proactive and think about performance, other people and their own personal achievement. They bring something extra to all they do – benefiting our employees, customers, owners and wider society.



Excellent Leader Philosophy

We call our view of leadership Excellent Leader. From this, we’ve identified the competencies and behaviours we need to reach our vision, make our strategy happen, deliver our targets – and continue building a company that we all are proud of.

Being an Excellent Leader every day

If you ask one of our leaders what Excellent Leader means in their everyday life, you are likely to hear:

  • Proactive leadership means that I am one step ahead, knowing where we are going and why
  • Performance leadership means that I deliver results by leveraging scale and cooperation between people and units, always with the customer in mind
  • People leadership means that I bring out the best in my people and create engagement across the organisation
  • Personal leadership means that I am a role model that others trust, and I am always the best leader I can be.