Marbodal launches RE:NEW

January 2022 - Our Swedish brand Marbodal is launching a new sustainable concept – Marbodal RE:NEW - update your kitchen by changing frontals, handles, worktops etc.

At Nobia, we want to create sustainable kitchens that are designed and built to last over time. Sustainability is about more than wood from a certified source, sustainable material choices and eco-labels. It’s also about kitchen frames that stand firmly when life flies by. About hinges and doors that endures the toddler years. A kitchen built with quality and care is a sustainable kitchen. 

With RE: NEW, we give the kitchen a new life - Keep what you like. Change what you need.  
Our customers are including more and more sustainability thinking in their renovations and many prefer to replace parts of their kitchens instead of replacing the whole. With RE: NEW, we give them this opportunity as a frontal replacement contributes to 61 percent lower fossil climate impact than replacing the entire cabinet with a frontal. * 

Marbodal launches first and is accompanied by Sigdal and Invita in the autumn.
“This concept is absolutely fantastic. It’s 100% aligned with our strategy of becoming design and sustainability leaders", says Kendra Ibsen, Marketing Director Local Jewel Brands, and continues "It is also a way to modernise our customer offering based on strong consumer needs, which will lead to a rejuvenation of our brands”.