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With three major kitchen brands, you’ll find Nobia in homes across Norway. Find out all about them and what makes them unique.

Nobia Norway manages the brands Sigdal, Norema and Marbodal in the Norwegian market. All three have dealers across the country who sell both to consumers and developers. Sigdal produces its own kitchens in Nedre Eggedal in Sigdal. Meanwhile, Norema and Marbodal are produced at Nobia's factory in Tidaholm, Sweden.

The Norema story began in a factory in Jevnaker, over 70 years ago. The brand grew and by the seventies, Norema was one of Norway's largest kitchen suppliers. Norema kitchens are currently sold through Norema Kitchen Studio, Byggmakker and Power.

Sigdal takes its name from the town where the brand began. Now over 60 years old, the business still runs the same factory in nearby Eggedal. Sigdal is sold through 12 Studio Sigdal stores, a number of major DIY chains, as well as some independent dealers.

The Swedish Marbodal brand was established more than 90 years ago. Marbodal is still a major brand in Sweden, and in Norway Marbodal is sold through the DIY chains Maxbo and Bygger'n.

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