As part of our strategy, we’re contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals. In 2017, Nobia signed the United Nations Global Compact - a strategic initiative for businesses that are committed to making the world a better place. It covers human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. With the scale and reach of our business, we think we can make a considerable difference.


Our sustainability strategy is based on four key areas:

Decent work and economic growthSustainable consumption and productionSustainable innovations - Through innovation, we can create kitchens that help people live in a more environmentally friendly way. We have developed a tool to evaluate how sustainable our new kitchen products are. It helps customers to make an informed choice – and do something good for the planet.


Climate actionDecarbonization - We work long-term to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both manufacturing and transport. We have switched to renewable electricity in all our production facilities. And of course, we also encourage our suppliers to work actively work in a greener, more sustainable way.


Sustainable consumption and productionClimate actionLife on landProtecting forests - Forests play a huge role in sustaining life on earth. We are committed to eliminating deforestation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting biodiversity. In practice, that means promoting sustainable forestry.


Sustainable consumption and productionClimate actionLife on landResponsible sourcing - If we’re to achieve our sustainability goals, our suppliers have to support us. This is why we strive for responsible relationships throughout the entire supply chain.


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