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Keittiömaailma (Kitchen World) are unique high quality kitchen stores offering access, in one and the same place, to the two leading kitchen brands in Finland, A la Carte and Petra. We have more than 100 professional designers helping the customers find a solution for a perfect kitchen, in terms of design, functionality and price.

The first Keittiömaailma store was opened in 2002 and at the beginning of 2018, more than 30 stores belong to the franchise network. We are the largest specialty retailer in Finland and our professional sales team provides consumers and professionals with a comprehensive service from kitchens to design.

In addition to the overwhelmingly large selection of kitchens the strength of Keittiömaailma is our local expertise and network as well as being part of Novart, Finland’s largest kitchen manufacturer. Working in Keittiömaailma means that you will have a comprehensive training in Novart Academy. You will become a part of an excellent team of true professionals and have full support both from your collegues at Keittiömaailma as well as the experts at Novart and its owner Nobia Group.

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